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The Mega Pack

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Mega Pack
Mega Pack

10 Steps Mega Pack
10 Steps Mega Pack

Walking Your Own Path
Walking Your Own Path

Mega Pack
Mega Pack


The Mega Pack is EVERY Pay-Per-View from ET Whisperer in the entire 2015 year. If you bought all of the video and audio files separately you would pay more than $275. Now you get them all for $99.00 which is over a 60% savings !
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 This includes seven 2 hr plus monthly webinars, The Density Master Class 2.0, and multi channeler online events including Walking Your Own Path with Daniel Scranton, and Close Encounters of The eighth Kind, with Krista Raisa & Jim Charles !  With over 24 hours of channeling, you can keep the fun and excitement going for as long as you want. You will be able to choose to download video in .mp4 or audio files in .wav & .mp3 OR you can download them ALL ! You can choose to download these one at a time or all together. This pack allows you to download a personal link to gain access to them permanently. Just remember to save the internet file that you download to keep on your computer or device permanently so you will always have access.


This Mega Pack Includes (all in streaming, .mp4, .mp3, .wav & Event Poster)

Seven Monthly Webinars

1.April Monthly Webinar - Runtime 2:33:26

2.May Monthly Webinar - Runtime  2:10:22

3.June Monthly Webinar - Runtime  2:07:07

4.July Monthly Webinar - Runtime  2:01:32

5.August Monthly Webinar - Runtime 2:20:14
6.October Monthly Webinar - Runtime  2:13:22

7.November Monthly Webinar - Runtime  2:19:38

Two ET Whisperer Online Events

8.Density Master Class 2.0 Advanced - Runtime 4:29:46

9.10 Steps to Belief System Change - Runtime  3;35:39 (comes with .PDF worksheets)

Two Multi-Channeler Events

10.Walking Your Own Path - Runtime 4:26:05 (featuring Rob Gauthier & Daniel Scranton)

11.Close Encounters of The Eighth Kind - Runtime 4:14:08 (featuring Rob Gauthier, Krista Raisa, & Jim Charles)

Bonus Gifts also included