What You Need to Know About All Services

Before Purchasing Any Session Please Read All Conditions Carefully


We here at Trebchanneling, are revamping the services available for people. Our goal is to bring you the information and reflection that you desire. Reminder that with all guidance, the first priority is your own hearts knowing.  No guide outside is ever a apt substitute for your own heart and integrity. All power and direction comes from within. In assisting you in doing this, there are many new services we are offering. This new system allows all people from all walks of life, and all vibrations of abundance to have the opportunity to connect to these reflections. We are making free, donation, and paid sessions now available. We have a sliding scale for what each can afford and no one will be turned away due to lack of funds. It is always suggested that you go to youtube.com  where many videos are available for those of you who truly wish to dig through the hundreds of hours of FREE material to find the answers that you are looking for. This can help you find most things that Treb has already answered. Also if are new to Trebchanneling experience it will help you get a feel for what kind of help he can offer.  



All of the sessions that you have no matter what kind they are will require these things


 1. Skype. You can download and use it for free on www.skype.com & YOU WILL BE RESPONSABLE for sending Skype request to Skype name  treb_bor_yit-ne . You must do this before the session starts or it will be considered a no-show and rescheduled at a later time. 
2. Headphones. This is to prevent echo in recordings.

3. A free MP3 will be sent (as long as no tech issues arise) within 24 hours of session. It will be sent via Skype.  This is a free service we offer as a gift. Sometimes it might not be available and is not part of the pricing. If you do not receive this due to tech issue, you will not receive a discount or refund.
4. Email confirmation for agreed upon session time and date.
5. Microphone.  Internal or external mics.  The better the mic the better your side of sound will be in recording. Phones with Skype are often much less quality of sound. 
6. A quiet and serene environment if possible.

 7. Please make sure any session type you choose is the kind you want as there are no refunds for any channeled/non channel help although we are willing to transfer money for one kind of Channeled /Non Channeled Help or have you make up a difference on a higher paid type if you desire. This will set your waiting time out a little further but we are always happy to work with you.  If you buy a physical product and it is defective we will refund or replace it for you.


Times for Contact After Buying/Donating/Requesting Session And General Conditions



Note: All sessions, regardless of session type include a FREE downloadable mp3 audio recording of your session! If you prefer a video recording of your session, please see # 9 below under "Channeling services"  under the "Services Tab" After the payment is made you will receive an email with a time and date for service  IN UP TO TWO WEEKS (after purchase). Donation and email sessions will take longer to resend to and may  take UP TO FOUR WEEKS. Free Sessions can take up to six months to schedule as demands are huge. We schedule when we have an opening for them. Some sessions will be moved and rescheduled from time to time when I have custody of my son because he has C.P. and from time to time needs medical treatments unexpectedly. We have considered not work at all when he is here, but that would double the already long time for session waits.  If this happens we will find you the very first opening afterwards. When that has happened a few times before, we were normally able to find a spot within one week of the original time. You will be our priority in scheduling if a reschedule will be needed.  If this time and date is not work for you, we will find a fitting one. Please remember we are a company with two employees and are taking care of a special needs child exactly 50% of the year and your patience is highly apricatedIf for any reason you do not receive and email with a date for the session within the time allotted above, please contact Mary Gauthier at her email Mary@ETwhisperer.com. All sessions are recorded and free MP3 will be sent via Skype WITHIN 48 HOURS after session. Payment types vary from Paypal to credit card and personal check. All payments on Channeling services and non channeled services are final and there will be no refund after payment is made. Refunds are only given on products that are broken or defective. 


 We have a system set where up for all types of sessions we have, so a certian available block of time per week will be filled. This is why we have different waiting periods for each type. This table below will help you see what the average times to wait are in 2015.

Average Wait for free sessions ~ 6 months after scheduling.

Average wait for donation sessions ~3 moths after scheduling.

Average wait for paid sessions ~3~6 weeks after sceduling.