Do You Want to Learn How to Channel ?

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Do you want to learn how to channel ? Do you want to understand the universe & yourself in a deeper and more intimate way ? Work one on one personally with world renowned channel Rob Gauthier for your own personalized  regiment of training each individual in the way that is best for them to channel. There are more than one ways to channel. There is written channeling,, verbal channeling, telepathic channeling, and many more. Rob Gauthier taught dozens of people to channel and some have went to channel publicly.  Rob Gauthier has been meditating now almost nine years. In this time he have mastered deep meditation and astral projection. Through that type of time and effort he was able to find his own way to connect to Treb in an astral state (Watch Story Here) and then worked with him on how to channel him. Rob used some of the techniques and learned more from other great teachers. You may stay in this course as long as you want or desire.  Thesre are classes for 100 USD for one 60 min class, or 400 for 5 class pack if you are interested in longer courses.  The amount of classes needed is different for each person and each person will have different results. 


60 min private sessions to learn how to channel.

This is a 5 pack 60 min privat sessions to learn how to channel. 

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