Talking To Rob and Getting A Human Perspective

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I have been through many dark times in my life, some may even say my own personal " Dark Night of the Soul ". I have been through the worst depressions one can imagine. I have ALWAYS pulled through them. As great as the channeled entities may be, sometimes a human perspective is always needed.  If you are going through hardships in your life,  or if you just wish to have the perspectives of Rob Gauthier with any facets of your life, such as getting more in tune with your heart center, working on your intuition, overcoming deprssion, drugs, relationship issues, depression, there will be this new service. The video below is a prime example of what this service offers.  One half hour time blocks for 60 USD. One hour blocks 100 USD 

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Rob talks about illness

Rob talks about relationships and self love (2014)

Rob talks about relationships and self love (2012)