1. The Channel Panel ~ ONLINE EVENT ~ Sept. 13th Saturday


Four world renowned channelers, Five awesome channels, all in one HUGE event ! As this is a streaming event please allow at most 24 hours from purchase to receive the links and information for download. Trebchanneling.com presents......The Channel Panel   The Channel Panel is an event that is just what the name eludes to. A panel of some of The GREATEST channelers and channels around. Moderator and Co~Host Kalina Angell guides you through this amazing event.  This event is a 6 and a half hour event with the greatest names in channeling today. This is an archived event that will be easily accessible to anyone with internet on their device, phone, mac or pc. This event is for anyone  to easily join us around the world. The cost for such a GREAT event ? $35 USD for video and $20 USD for audio. Although Originally John Cali was going to present, there were technical Issues that led myself (Rob Gauthier)  to channel twice. So along with the other presenters there is myself channeling TReb as well as Aridif. The information that was shared covers all topics about intergration, self healing, relationships, self love, and much more !



Sneak Peek of The Channel Panel Event !


Special Thanks to Kalina Angell..for the wonderful graphics. 



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Rob Gauthier

Kalina Angell




Presenters include..........

Brad Johnson ~ http://www.consciousmatrix.com/

Rob Gauthier ~ http://www.trebchanneling.com/

Daniel Scranton ~ http://danielscranton.com/
Nora Herold ~ http://www.noraherold.com/


Moderator Kalina Angell ~ https://www.facebook.com/TheEarthExperienceWithKalinaAngell


2. Advanced Master Class - Advanced Class Pay-Per-View



Now we have the ONE and ONLY "Density Master Class" Available now on pay-per-view. 10 USD to download this event. Click and pay below in credit card or Paypal and within 24 hours you will receive the download link. Remember that you can control the volume of each presenter in this software. What you do is download the zip file and then you click on the "default" icon and it will take you to the recording. If you want to know more about this please watch "The Master Density Class 101" watch below. And the second video is the Original trailer.

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