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If you would like to contact us here at Trebchanneling there are a few ways to do this. You can contact us or follow us through social media as well. 


1. Contact Kalina Angelll for anything that you need with sessions, events, scheduling, radio network,  or any administration.  Email


2. Contact Rob Gauthier for special events or offering request being on a radio, television, or internet show  by emailing him at


3. Call us at (269) 858-2090 (U.S.A.)  Mon-Fri 9am - 3 pm. We may return calls outside of buisness hours. If you have any questions about any types of sessions we offer please go HERE to look for all the information that you would need. 


4. Type an instant messege at skype. Our skype name is treb_bor_yit-ne. Click icon to contact

Follow us on social media


1. Follow Kalina Angell on Facebook by clicking here.


2. Follow Rob Gauthier on Facebook by clicking here


3. Click on any of these facebook pages that we run to follow 


a. TReb Channeling - Channeled by Rob Gauthier 

b. Aridif Ancient Pleiadian Channeled by Rob Gauthier

c. The Enlightenment Evolution Hour with Host Rob Gauthier (weelly Radio show look at EEN Radio Network Tab for more details) 

d. The Earth Experience with Kalina Angell. (weelly Radio show look at EEN Radio Network Tab for more details) 



4. Youtube channel for Treb Channeling HERE


5. Youtube channel for The Enlightenment Evolution Hour HERE



6. Follow Rob Gauthier on Twitter by clicking here. 


7. Follow TReb on Twitter by clicking here.

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