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We are committed to providing information and practices that support self empowerment, healing, and growth. Our goal is to bring you the information and opportunities for self reflection that assist you on your path. Reminder that with all guidance, the first priority is your own heart's knowing.  No guide outside is ever an apt substitute for your own heart and integrity. All power and direction comes from within you. Knowing the struggles that can occur in life, we often block so much of our own guidance. The content and services offered through E.T. Whisperer is a unique way to re-integrate this system of internal guidance. 



Rob is one of the most respected trance channelers in the world. For more than a decade, he has helped thousands of individuals receive clarity on their life path and mission. Rob primarily works with three main guides - Aridif, Treb Bor Yit-Ne, and Metatron - but has channeled hundreds of ET consciousnesses. Rob is also an in-demand speaker and teacher and has has been featured in many documentaries, internet shows, interviews, and books for his unique channeling abilities.

Kalina Angell

Kalina has worked with Rob Gauthier since 2014 and added a lot to the conversations with TReb and Aridif. Now she has re-developed her own channeling with many amazing guides. 



Aridif is an Ancient Pleiadian from Deneb. He is from the 6th Density (5th Dimension) and resides in spectrum of evolution of the soul that is much higher than ours. He is a master teacher and has shared a great deal of knowledge about densities, dimensions, evolution of consciousness, and universal structure. Aridif has also worked extensively with Earth and humans throughout history to share enlightenment and cosmic knowledge.


TReb Bor yit-NE is a Benevolent Reptilian Human Hybrid from the Capella star system. He is from the 5th Density. TReb refers to himself as a spiritual advisor and works with all races open to connecting with him. His race are one of the most loving, caring, kind and gentle in this galaxy



Metatron is an entity from a Matrix (dimension) that is directly connected to Source. He had an incarnation on Earth as Enoch and has helped humanity for eons. He is an extremely powerful being, but his main message is simple - to live in the center.


Rob has channeled thousands of unique ET and Higher Dimensional Races.

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