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Calendar Updated Only Until Oct 1st 2021
We will update as we schedule events and changing circumstances come our way. If you book outside the date above we can not guarantee that spot will not be moved, and you might be rescheduled. We will change the date above as we update each calendar cycle and more info on events come in. 

Our Services

Below the calendar we have a list of all of our types of services including the ones not listed on the calendar. We have made it easy for you to look through our schedule for open and available spots.  In our services we have many different types of help we offer. We offer one on one personal channeling sessions, group channeling sessions, channeling classes if you want to learn to channel yourself, meditation classes, and many more. Below we have the calendar to book these sessions yourself, as well as some instructional videos below the calendar as well as some questions that are commonly asked. ALSO FOR GOOGLE CHROME & MOZILLA BROWSERS, THE TIME SLOTS WILL BE TRANSLATED INTO YOUR LOCAL TIME ZONE. As for the other browsers we have not gotten feedback yet. For any questions about rescheduling, cancellations, refunds, etc make sure you read "cancellation policy " under the specific type of service you want. More details and common questions below calendar. ALL SESSIONS ARE AUDIO ONLY. Although we do give mp3's they are not part of the price and if a program malfunction occurs, they is no refund. If you wish to have video recorded contact Mary via email at and for an additional cost it can possibly be arranged. Average Email response may take 24-72 hrs. 

What You Need to Know About All of Our Services

      We here at are revamping all of our energy, as well as the services available for people. Our goal is to bring you the information and reflection that you desire. Reminder that with all guidance, the first priority is your own hearts knowing.  No guide outside is ever a apt substitute for your own heart and integrity. All power and direction comes from within. In assisting you in doing this, there are many new services we are offering. This new system allows all people from all walks of life, and all vibrations of abundance to have the opportunity to connect to these reflections.

     1. FREE CONTENT -

      We will have our free videos, and free Open Forums (where you send in a question for free with the ability to listen to it for free later) for those of you who can not afford or do not want to give any money. It is also suggested that you go to our YouTube Page  where many hundreds of videos are available for those of you who truly wish to dig through the hundreds of hours of FREE material to find the answers that you are looking for. This can help you find most things that any of the channeling has already answered. Also if are new to Rob Gauthier's Channeling and/or any of the channeling experience it will help you get a feel for what kind of help we can offer.  (also look at #4 too) 


      For those of you with small amounts of income (or interest) you can join us at our Patreon Portal . The Patreon Portal is an external site that has many different packages for many different desires or needs. The Basic Package cost $11/ month, and includes access to our monthly in-depth polls that you vote on, and then a 60-90 min video is released later discussing the topic in depth. Also behind the scenes videos, and extra unseen footage from events, and extra videos that could be release are also added. You also have access to the archives from months past.  There are also many other packages that are more expensive and have more perks. For those who just enjoy watching the channeling, and still want to interact with us, and help choose the channeling, this is the best energy you receive for your money you put out. 


      The in depth information formatted for personal one on one use, are for the most part done on one on one sessions. This is by far, the most expensive way to go, and also set aside for only those who are are truly serious about their own growth and spiritual expansion. These sessions types and prices are above. 


      We do understand not everyone can afford the personal one on one sessions, so we always suggest going to Patreon, but will will start offering monthly scholarships for people in Early 2018. This scholarship is for those of you who have the passion for spiritual expansion and growth, but the abundance is not quite there yet. This should not disqualify you from getting a session if it is truly your excitement.  The regulations and set up will be place below and by sending an application it means that you agree to go through all of these steps needed and agree to all conditions. 

     a) You MUST be 18 years old.

     b) You will write a 200 word minimal essay explaining what it is you are looking for in having this session, and what GENERIC things you will be asking about. Generic terms ONLY because the less we know and the more that there are buffers of specific subjects. i.e. If you want to ask about the dynamic between yourself and your spouse, you  instead would just say that their are looking for understandings on your relationships. Please make sure your relay full messages and full ideas and keep them all generic in matter, but complete in ideas. 

     c) You will send paperwork showing your status as disabled or unemployed. If you are working, but have a low income, we suggest you use the basic Patreon package. ALL INFORMATION WILL BE DELETED EACH MONTH SO WE WILL NOT KEEP THAT. We respect and understand the idea not to share private information or have it just laying around our PC or emails. 

     d) If you are not chosen for a month, then you would need to re-apply every 90 days with new informational essay, but no new financial verification. 

     e) If you are chosen for the scholarship you will be contacted via email so please do not email us checking in to see if you were chosen. The session will be 30 mins long and will be used  as a publicly video on YouTube. You are able to change your name so that the information and your identity will be kept private. We will NEVER share your private information. 

What if I can not or do not want to make my own Paypal acount ?
If you can not create a Paypal Account, then you can pay manually with a check, credit card or bank account through this Paypal option. If you choose to use this step, then we would have to manually schedule you also. CLICK HERE  to manually pay for a service.. 

What If My Availability Doesn't Match Your Schedule On The Calendar ?
If your schedule does not work with the time slots on the calendar  you can contact Mary @ and find a custom time to work on getting a better fit booking. This is as manual booking and can take 48-72 hours to be contacted after inquiring. This is available for those of you who live overseas and those with odd work schedules that don't align with the calendar.  At this time we are not accepting many until calendar issues are updated and our schedule gets more open. 

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Do not replace your common sense, or more so your own heart as a discernment tool. You are the greatest force in your own life and do not replace your own discernment for any other's teachings. We here at ET Whisperer are not doctors, so do not disregard any medical professionals advice. It is your life and the answers always come from you. We only hope to help guide you in you journey as eternal souls.