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The New Email sessions

Rob Gauthier is one the most respected channelers in the world. Sessions with Rob are direct, clear, loving,  empowering, and often life-changing. For more than a decade Rob and his three main higher-dimensional guides, Aridif, Treb Bor yit-NE, and Archangel Metatron, have assisted thousands of individuals all around the world to heal, receive clarity on their life purpose and lessons, and take empowered steps to create the life they most desire.


During your 3 Question Email Session, Aridif connects personally to your energy grid system and your Oversoul and Higher Self. This gives them direct access to your soul history and current life path. Aridif may also bring in other entities, guides, or your entire Oversoul to help show you more personal and intimate reflections if you desire. They are extremely wise, loving, and benevolent beings, who are happy to assist you from their elevated perspective with all areas of your life. People frequently inquire about relationships, physical issues, blockages, belief systems, goals, soul history, and life purpose and mission. Rob is also able to channel other beings with which you work and interact. In fact, Rob has channeled more than 1000 ET races during readings and sessions.

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You have helped me to gain a far greater understanding of who I truly am, and why I am here on Earth at this momentous time in our evolution. I recommend Rob and his channeling service to anyone who is interested in furthering their own spiritual growth and development. After just one session, you will realize what a blessing it is to be in contact with such a loving, caring and friendly being, and the same can certainly be said for his channel.


Treb assisted me to view the world from a non-fear based perspective, to really appreciate the polarities and contrast we experience, and to truly understand and embrace that everything is an expression of Source. After doing Treb’s exercises and adopting his philosophy, my world literally shifted into another reality, and I continue to experience an incredible world full of limitless possibilities. 


One session with Treb really does change your life. Rob and Treb came into my life with perfect timing. Treb was the shining light that showed me who I truly was and what i had created for myself, allowing me the right tools to move forward and improve my life dramatically.


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