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Frequently asked questions

Is Rob available for interviews and events?

Yes. Please use our contact form for Rob's availability to participate in special events or to request him as a guest on a radio, television, or internet show. 

What if my availability does not work with the Calendar schedule?


That is ok. This is only when Rob will channel your 3 question email session. He will send back the recording within 24-48 hours or less.

What do I need to have prepared for my session?


When you purchase the session, a link for a form will be provided. On that form it is important that you use the same name, date, and email that you used for your payment, so we can track your session and get it to you after it is done. Because Rob will be channeling for several people at one time, it is to help him keep tabs on who is owed what, and when to do them. If the system works better in a different way in the future, we will change the information here in the FAQ. 

Are sessions recorded?

All sessions are recorded. The session recording will be sent to you within a 24-48 hour period after the session is channeled by Rob.

What is your cancellation, return, and rescheduling policy?

Any reschedules should be able to be done with your session information. Since this is not done in person, the only reason we could foresee for a need to change the time and date would be if for some reason you didn't feel ready for the answers. 

There are no refunds on any service at all. 

If you buy a physical product and it is defective within 24 hours of its arrival and report it to us as defective, we can replace it for you. If you buy a digital download and it is corrupted, you have will need to contact for customer service.

What is your privacy and recording policy?

Your email session recording is private and confidential. However, if you do wish to share it publicly we will edit it how you need. ie if there are parts that are private we will cut those out and share only the public parts. If you do not want your name attached we would give it a nickname. If you want to share the session publicly on your own social media/YouTube that is OK. If you share the session on your own site, we ask you to link our website or YouTube channel to your video/audio.

What kind of questions can I ask in a channeled session ?

You can ask any and all questions that you would like. There are only three exceptions. 

1. No questions about physical health. They do not see the body. They connect to your soul and energy. They can talk about the energy or the "why" of the illness, but can not give diagnoses or medical natured answers for these types of questions.
2. They can't tell you what others are thinking. ie - If someone plans on stealing from you, or if they wanted to cheat on you. They can not look into other peoples energy without their permission.
3. No questions within questions.

What is your cancellation and rescheduling policy?

NO REFUNDS for any channeled/non channel help. You should be able to reschedule yourself if you need to change the time you get your recording back as stated above.

What if i don't have PayPal?

If you cannot create a PayPal Account, then you can pay manually with a check, credit card or bank account through the PayPal option. 

Why did Rob change from Private Sessions to Email Sessions ?

Rob has two top priorities in his life. His children/family, and his channeling. The Three Question Email Session is a new system designed to get many people the very important and life changing  answers that they have come to expect from Aridif, and do this for a cheep price, and a quick session time. As many who have experienced the old One on One Sessions, they had to spend a lot of money for one hour of time, and also had to wait sometimes up to 3 months or longer just to get a spot for a session. Now we have eliminated that issue of long waits, and important issues needing faster answers altogether by creating The Three Question Email Session. 

Can I purchase more than one 3 question email session at a time ?

As of now we will not limit the amounts people purchase unless it gets abused. If people buy slots every day or multiple slots in each session, we will change this rule. 

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