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Plee-Na-Ki and The Plenatalaka
Pleiadian Soul Reflection

This galactic human being is from a planet we are unable to see with our most advanced instruments, given the brightness of the star Alcyone from the Pleiades. His name is Plee-Na-Ki and race: the Plenatalaka. The book presents through Treb Bor yit-NE, channeled by Rob Gauthier, the transcribed conversation between our jovial extraterrestrial and the co-author: Jefferson Viscardi in a dialogue format. Together we have visited many topics regarding soul, mind and body; extraterrestrial life forms, shapes, styles as well as the upcoming galactic changes; the dynamics of contact, time travel, parallel realities, relative and absolute freedom, the Association of Worlds, past lives and much more. Every new book is a whole new world of information and this book: Plee-Na-Ki, Pleiadean Soul Reflection is literally a refreshing new perspective on the Pleiades and about the most probable future of our humanity.

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Benevolent Hybrid Reptilian Humans

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The book is a great introduction to Treb Bor Yit-Ne and other entities Treb is connected to. If you are interested in the Treb videos or new here this would be a great start if you're more than curious to who it is that is being channeled. This goes further than just Treb, you will meet many new entities and hear the messages they have for humanity. A true work of love and light.

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Reptilian and Humans sign
Et Whisperer 2

Extraterrestrial Life - Galactic Humans
On the Plurality of Inhabited Worlds

On the Plurality of Inhabited Worlds
This work is of twelve human-like races in physical appearance  It explores their views of universe and the planets they experience  Each shares a message for Earth. We gain an understanding of how Earth is understood through their own unique perspectives.

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