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Connect with Four Galactic Races

Galactic Ambassador Course

Four weeks starting May 26, 2024

Do you want to learn how to initiate and experience conscious contact with Galactic Races? 

Welcome to the Four Week Galactic Ambassador Course! We are delighted that you have chosen to embark on this journey of open, conscious contact with us. This course has been lovingly co-created by Rob, Aridif, and four galactic races to introduce you to your larger galactic family and to provide you with techniques and meditations you can use to connect with them consciously.


Each week Aridif will introduce you to a new galactic race that is excited to connect with you and work with you directly. To facilitate this process, they will share a channeled message with you and provide you with intentionally crafted meditations and techniques that will assist you in recognizing, feeling, and working with higher dimensional energies and evolving your natural channel. These highly benevolent races have also agreed to work with you throughout the course to deepen your connection.


The Course Includes:

-Weekly Aridif Channeled Introduction

-Weekly Galactic Race Channeling (Pleidian, Arcturian, Andromedan, Sirian)

-Weekly Guided Contact Meditation Technique

-Weekly Question and Answer Session


Furthermore, you will have the opportunity during a weekly channeled question and answer session to ask questions about your experience and receive answers from representatives of these races.

We wish you the best on your journey of contact!



Learn to Channel Course

Welcome to the Learn to Channel course! This 4 - week course brings together the powerful techniques that Rob Gauthier has utilized to become one of the premier trance channels in the world. While Rob has taught aspects of these techniques to thousands of individuals during previous channeling courses, Learn to Channel presents these techniques in a progression of exercises you can practice and build upon to open and perfect your own personal channel. These are the same techniques that Rob's primary guides - ARIDIF a sixth dimensional Ancient Pleiadian, TREB BOR YIT'NE a fifth dimensional benevolent reptilian hybrid, and ARCHANGEL METATRON - taught Rob to prepare him to be a clean and open channel of higher dimensional consciousness and his Higher Self. 

Each section of Learn to Channel is designed to prepare your consciousness and energetic body to open your own natural channel to your Higher Self and Higher Dimensional Consciousnesses. These include techniques to ground and neutralize your energy, create structures of protection, and energetic and focus techniques that  expand your consciousness and connect you to higher dimensional energy and streams of information. Know that your own Higher Self (Higher Fractal Consciousness), spirit guides, and Star Family will be assisting you as you practice these techniques.

After each section you will have the opportunity to submit questions to Aridif that he will answer during a weekly Question and Answer section. This provides you with the opportunity to receive clarification and support from Aridif throughout your journey of learning to channel. 

A 4-Week course with Weekly TECHNIQUES  (available to stream by video or by MP3 download) and Weekly Q/A sessions with ARIDIF about the course material.

Healing Sexuality Course


Your relationship with your sexuality and navigating intimate relationships in a healthy way are two of the most most difficult challenges that you can face. This is compounded by the fact that most individuals have experienced some form of negative experience around physical and emotional intimacy or sexual abuse. Sexual trauma can create deep seated resistance and wounding that is very hard to access and even more difficult to release and heal. Until now.
This ground-breaking channeled course provides you with the unfiltered and empowering information and powerful healing tools you need to identify and heal and release sexual and emotional trauma. It also encourages you to create a healthy and joyful personal relationship with sexuality that supports in fully expressing and enjoying yourself.


A 4-Week course with Weekly 1-Hour Pleiadian Channeled Transmissions from ARIDIF (available to stream by video or by MP3 download) and Weekly Q/A sessions with ARIDIF about the course material.


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